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I encourage you to leave a reply.  I’ll try to reply to all questions within a week and errors in the posts will be acknowledged in the comment area. Feel free to disagree with my points if there is a need for disagreement, but keep in mind that all off-topic comments, disparaging comments, comments with more than one link, and comments that include profanity will be deleted.  Also, I’ll delete any mean stuff.  I don’t like mean stuff.  Be nice.

One more thing, I’m not a doctor nor am I a nutritionist.  You should definitely see your doctor before starting any new workout programs. Also, visit your doctor at least once a year for a complete work up to make sure you’re not deficient in any nutrients before starting a diet program.  I know when we’re younger this isn’t all that important but as we age (that dang phrase) our body requirements change.  Watch your numbers!