(or at least maintain what we have)

I know this sucks, but with age, with time, we all get flabby.  For instance….have you noticed that your butt is drooping? It’s caused by gravity and it stinks, but working out, especially with weights, and not being fat will help immensely.

There are all types of workouts.  Here are the top four:

Me, age 57.
Me, age 57.
  1. Weight lifting – lifting weights, either free weights, (dumbbells, bar bells, etc.,) or nautilus machines, even using your body weight as the weight you’re lifting, like pull-ups or push-ups.
  2. Aerobic classes – these consist of zumba, pump and crunch, jazzercise, etc.  They get your heart rate up and get your bones moving.
  3. Yoga and variations – yoga, Pilates, pi-yo.  These are really important and I don’t do them enough.  I really can’t see many calories getting burned during these classes. But staying flexible is really important at my age.
  4. Cardio workouts – running, jumping rope, fast walking (not slow!), cycling, stair climbing, elliptical machines.  Lots of variations and combinations of this.  You get the idea.

For your body to be in it’s best shape, both aesthetically and internally, I think you should do a combination of all of these.  Although you can strengthen and stretch your muscles in yoga there’s no real heart muscle training.  If you only perform running or cycling all of your muscles will not benefit.

Me in 1993
Me in 1993

I do a mix of 3 days of weight training workouts each week.  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This is by far my favorite work out style.  I can get my heart rate up by doing giant sets (more than 4 different exercises) and the muscle I build burns more calories and yes, makes me look lots better.

On at least two other days I do cardio workouts from 30 minutes to an hour.  I never do the same thing twice.  I usually alternate stair climbing with indoor cycling.  Yesterday I rode my bike to the gym, which took 15 minutes, then climbed stairs for 30 minutes doing intervals, then rode home for another 15 minutes.  Occasionally I’ll go to a cardio class.

Ideally, we should all do some form of activity each day.  Try to schedule some work outs at least every other day if you’re just starting out.  Then the next week add in cardio on the alternate days.  If all you do is walk then just start walking faster.  Don’t haul off and start running or jumping unless you’ve always been a runner or jumper.  At my age I find running hurts my bones and I imagine my vertebra banging together and shortening my spine!  I’m all for non-impact cardio.  I don’t do zumba because it hurts my feet to bounce on the floor.  Believe me, I feel  the pain of age and I’ve learned to work around it.

Now, please, get started.  Start a workout plan, lay your clothes out for it tomorrow and begin!

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