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What to Eat When You Go Out

Everybody has to eat out occasionally, right? And that’s when we decide to go ahead and cheat on our diets simply because we don’t think we can choose or find something on the menu that fits into our “healthy eating” diet.  Well, let me help with that.  Here’s what I do:

  • Look at the salad area first.  That’s kind of obvious, eh? But salads aren’t always healthy. You need to look for dark greens, not iceberg lettuce.  No beans or cheese.  Sure, these foods can be good for you but they’re high in calories.  Ask to have them omitted, if possible.  You’re also going to want lean, grilled, not fried, protein.  Chicken, fish, turkey, or lean beef would be great.  Also, forget about avocado.  It’s too high in fat while you’re on a diet. Skip it. You also need a non-fat, low-sugar dressing.  Some restaurants offer these.  You could use a honey mustard dressing or raspberry vinaigrette if they don’t have a non-fat.  These may have sugar but they’re low in fat.  Also, forget about any crackers, no crackers. Also, no bacon crumbs, no croutons, and no noodles.
This is ruined with bacon crumbs and hot bacon dressing!
Noodles and FRIED chicken! Why?
Noodles and FRIED chicken! Why?
  • Search under the chicken entre areas.  Grilled chicken with veggies is great, but you cannot have that in a white cream sauce on a bed of pasta.  And you’re really in trouble if you get a baked potato with it. Don’t even eat a sweet potato, not yet.
  • Fish? Yes! Grilled only, no battered stuff. I recently had spicy fish tacos while out eating.  I had them hold the cheese and I ordered the corn tortilla tacos, not flour.  The flour tortillas  generally have fat in them and are made with white flour plus the flour tortilla order came with the fish, “lightly, battered and fried” which is bad!  I realize  corn tortillas are probably genetically modified but we’re looking for the lesser of two evils here.
Don’t eat the avocados. And do I spy cheese on that salad?
  • Steak entres may be your best bet.  Choose a lean cut, maybe around 6 ounces.  Have this with grilled veggies, anything but potatoes and corn.  If you choose two sides, make them both vegetables.
  • DO NOT GO WHERE THEY BRING BREAD OR CHIPS FOR STARTERS!  It’s totally testing your will power too much to sit with people and not touch a tortilla chip.  And once you start there’s no going back.

Have you found a great dish to order at a regular franchise restaurant that you could share with me? I’m always looking!

Stay fit,




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