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5 Ways to Get Back on Your Diet


Now what do I do???

Beginning weight
Beginning weight
 Ending weight
Ending weight

I recently completed another 4 weeks of a diet on Diet Bet. (See “Mom’s Taking a Diet!)  I didn’t reach my goal of 5.48 pounds but I did lose 4.6 so I figure that’s a win.  I put up $35 for the bet and lost that BUT….I won $100 from a random drawing on the diet bet I was in (Mama Laughlin’s Diet Bet @ so I’m up $65!

Beginning thighs...
Beginning thighs…
Ending thighs
Ending thighs

Then I promptly went off my diet for the weekend.  And don’t we all do that? Say yes, please, I can’t be alone in that.

Get over the guilt.  Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and don’t make it out that it was all that bad.  The pizza was REALLY good and I had lots of fun with my family. You have to go off a diet occasionally or you’ll never get to partake of some really awesome food in the world.  The thing is some people don’t quit.  Like the woman whose hips spilled over into my seat on the plane.  I want to always fit into my airplane seat.  I hate it when fat people take up my spot.  Is that so bad?


  1. Resume Sanity.  I was a pig  Friday night, most of Saturday and some Sunday but come Monday morning I’m back on the wagon.
  2. Hit the Gym. Don’t punish yourself.  Just do your regularly scheduled workout.
  3. Log Your Food Intake. I quit for those 3 days.  Now I’ve got to relearn the habit.
  4. Do Some Extra Cardio. Just maybe a walk or 30 minute bike ride.  Yes, as punishment.
  5. Set a New Goal.  I really want to lose 10, but I’ll shoot for 5.  Maybe another Diet Bet?

The important thing is to get up, dust yourself off and realize it’s totally normal to fail on a diet occasionally.  Stop before the bad habits become regular habits.  Eat healthy today and tomorrow will be easier.

Stay fit,



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