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What I Eat In a Day


Ah, geez!  I weighed myself this morning and I’m still at 134.4.  Dang it!  But let me see if I can be optimistic.  I’ve got 3.3 more pounds to lose and 18 days to do it, that’s 0.18 pounds per day.  I can do that, surely!  I’ve been counting my calories on My Fitness Pal, so I’m good there.  I’m sticking to my diet plan, which you’ll see,  has plenty of eating all day.

I almost always have a six egg white wrap for breakfast.  I cook the egg whites (with a tablespoon of fat free sour cream whipped into them) in a non-stick pan then I turn them onto an Ole Extreme Wellness wrap.  I add some pickle relish, a little siracha sauce and that’s it.  And,  of course, prior to any eating or thinking or breathing, I always have two big cups of coffee with stevia and sugar-free, fat-free vanilla creamer. The breakfast plus the egg wrap comes to  around 250 calories.

Bran Buds, Greek yogurt and blues!

My morning snack is simple and really good for me.  I pack it for work. DO NOT EAT OUT!  It’s 1/6 cup of All Bran Buds, 1/2 cup Light and Fit Danon Greek Yogurt, 1/2 cup blueberries and right before eating I add 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder.  This incredible snack, (that I totally covet!) has fiber, vitamin C, calcium and protein.  It rocks and comes in at 191 calories!

Spinach Salad with Tuna and 5 crackers. 305 calories.
Spinach Salad with Tuna and 5 crackers. 305 calories

I took a picture of my lunch (which I also pack to take to work) today.  I always pack a spinach salad, usually with 4 ounces of chicken breast.  But twice a week I sub in albacore tuna.  I also pre-mix my dressing.  It’s store-bought (Walmart) light ranch dressing mixed 1:1 with fat-free ranch dressing.  Fat-free is gross by itself and the light is too high in calories by itself. So…ta da! I mix it and it’s just right.  I also added 5 whole wheat crackers (absolutely no nutritional benefit, just like ’em) for 60 calories.

Okay, so you’ve got my breakfast, mid morning snack and lunch listed.  If you use Fitness Pal and have been logging in your intake, now would be when I’d check my nutritional goals.

Prepared stuff I LOVE...
Prepared stuff I LOVE..


I come home from work kind of hungry and this is when I snack!! Yup, snackin’!  My go to is Jolly Time 100 calorie Healthy Pop Butter microwave packets. Then to keep my protein/carb balance going I’ll snack on 4 ounces of chicken breast ( I keep some in the fridge always cooked). An alternative for the popcorn would be 16 Baked Tostitos with salsa, and still keep with the chicken.

For dinner I usually have salmon, tilapia, or more chicken and a ton of veggies.  Like a skillet full of zucchini with an onion, or home-grown okra or broccoli.  It’s important to make a bunch.  You’ll have to go to the store twice a week for veggies just to keep them fresh and on hand.  Four ounces of tilapia is 144 calories, one zucchini is 46 calories and 1/2 yellow onion is 22 calories. So dinner is 212 calories.

As the evening goes, I snack on fudge pops, Fudgsicles, The Original! They’re 40 calories each and yeah, sometimes, I eat 4 of them.  But that’s better than something with fat in it and it’s just 160 calories.  Onward weight loss!!  I can check my Fitness Pal app and see I’m only at 1,106 calories for the day.  My nutrition balance says I’m at 48% carbohydrates, 37% protein and 15% fat.  Pretty good day!  I’ve got 100 more calories to eat so maybe more popcorn??? No, I should have some chicken breast.

What I’m saying is monitor your  food menu throughout the day, make adjustments and stay with it!

I’ll weigh another pound less next week,



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