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“Mom’s Taking a Diet!”

So at the beginning of this year I weighed about 130 pounds.  I like myself at that weight, I’d like to see what 125 looks like, too. But life happened in the form of four trips to New York City.  My daughter and I traveled to visit her college in January.  After she was accepted, the whole family returned to NYC in June to take her to school.  Then my husband and I returned

again in August for her swearing in ceremony.  Then I  went one last time for parent’s weekend.  Every trip to the Big Apple includes airport junk food (even if it was a chicken sandwich, it was junk) delicious gigantic pizza slices and incredible cheesecake!   So, yeah, over the last few months I’ve gained back six pounds!  I completely enjoyed every bite, too!  Now though, before I get any heavier, I’m “taking a diet,” as my girls used to call it.

new york pie            red velvet cheesecake

Here are two pictures of me taken for the Dietbet ( bet I placed last week when I started back on my healthy eating plan.  The one on the left is proof of my weight for the diet bet peeps and then you also send in a full body photo.

body 9-8-15
Me, in my jammies.
weight 9-8-15
Definitely my toes.

I usually eat healthy except for special  occasions, so this will be about the same.  I’ll not eat cheesecake, for sure! No cheating!   I’m planning on losing 4% of the weight (5.48 pounds) in 28 days.  Or what’s now left of it.  My bet was $35 bucks and I intend to get it back!

So here’s my HIGHLY RECOMMENDED plan for any woman about my age, 57,  and activity level.

  1. Eat 1200 calories daily, consisting of 40% lean protein, 40% carbohydrates (veggies, mostly) and 20% fat which is  naturally occurring in the protein and carbs, and a tiny bit of coconut oil for cooking.
  2. Do weight training three times a week for one hour each time. By the way, my sessions include about 36 sets.
  3. Instead of my usual twice a week cardio sessions, I’ll add one or two more.  Each session will be at least 30 minutes of either stationary bike riding, stair climbing or outdoor bike riding.  For all cardio I’ll wear my Wahoo Heart Rate Monitor and do high intensity intervals.
  4. I’ll weigh every morning to know my progress.
  5. I will not go out to eat because that never works with a diet!
  6. I’ll log all my calories on my fitness pal app (

For your information, I’m already down to 134.4 as of today but my weight varies 2 to 3 pounds depending on how late I eat and how much sodium I’ve consumed.

That’s it.  My final weigh-in is October 9.  Wish me luck!  Hey….why not join a diet bet yourself??

Talk to you Monday,



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