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Burning Calories! Or…High Intensity Interval Training

Welcome to the world of burning calories!  Things have changed since I first started working out.  Was it 1975? Or  1976? It’s really, really hard to remember.  First we had this jogging boom, a running trend.  We all bought white Nike’s with a red swoosh for running. Now that I think of it, they were… Continue reading Burning Calories! Or…High Intensity Interval Training

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Who Else Wants to Lose Weight ThisYear?

SET YOUR NEW YEAR GOALS THIS WEEK! Everybody, well almost everybody, gained weight during the holidays! And now we’ve got to get rid of them.  To do that we need to set some goals…NOW! You should set long term goals, as in for this month, or year, if you have a lot to lose. But… Continue reading Who Else Wants to Lose Weight ThisYear?

Healthy Recipes

Chicken Enchiladas…Yummy, Healthy, and Creamy!

As I’ve mentioned, I love Tex-Mex! I’ve adapted this recipe to make it low on fat and low on carbs and it’s so dang delicious! Here are the ingredients for the chicken filling: 2 chicken breasts 1 can Rotel tomatoes with chiles taco seasoning packet ( I make my own and use 3 T.) 1/2… Continue reading Chicken Enchiladas…Yummy, Healthy, and Creamy!

Fast Food

Three Best Fast Food Places…If You Must

Sometimes our lives are so fast that, yes, we must EAT FAST FOOD! Yeah, that’s the way it is. So, having had this happen to me, let me enlighten you on the best places to go when you’re starving and on the run. I live in the southern midwest and we luv our tex-mex, so… Continue reading Three Best Fast Food Places…If You Must

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What to Eat When You Go Out

Everybody has to eat out occasionally, right? And that’s when we decide to go ahead and cheat on our diets simply because we don’t think we can choose or find something on the menu that fits into our “healthy eating” diet.  Well, let me help with that.  Here’s what I do: Look at the salad area… Continue reading What to Eat When You Go Out

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Three Fixes for Your Thighs

As we age, we begin to collect this stuff on our thighs. At least I have. It’s loose-skin/fat/non-muscle/wiggling stuff. I have no idea what it really is. Not cellulite so much as just old lady tissue. It gives me the creeps and it’s my mission (What’s more important? World peace?) to find a non-invasive way… Continue reading Three Fixes for Your Thighs

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5 Ways to Get Back on Your Diet

CONFESSION:  I FELL OFF THE ‘HEALTHY DIET WAGON’ FOR 3 FULL DAYS! Now what do I do??? I recently completed another 4 weeks of a diet on Diet Bet. (See “Mom’s Taking a Diet!)  I didn’t reach my goal of 5.48 pounds but I did lose 4.6 so I figure that’s a win.  I put… Continue reading 5 Ways to Get Back on Your Diet

Weight Lifting

Weights….gotta love ’em

“Lifting weights” is the rock star of all work outs. I’m 57,  I’ve been lifting regularly for 30 years. I’m quite passionate about it.  Weight lifting has been an integral part of who I am.  I work out with weights 3 times a week and do cardio twice.  It’s not the only thing I do,… Continue reading Weights….gotta love ’em

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What I Eat In a Day

  Ah, geez!  I weighed myself this morning and I’m still at 134.4.  Dang it!  But let me see if I can be optimistic.  I’ve got 3.3 more pounds to lose and 18 days to do it, that’s 0.18 pounds per day.  I can do that, surely!  I’ve been counting my calories on My Fitness… Continue reading What I Eat In a Day